Our Services

JRBT offers a wide range of support for financial institutions, and all of it is based on the belief that it’s impossible to apply cookie-cutter solutions to every client. We know that each one has their own distinct strengths and areas of vulnerability. While we work with banks of all sizes, we’ve developed an especially strong connection with community banks, and we‘re proud to say that we serve ten percent of the community banks in Texas. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

• Independent loan reviews
• Analysis of credit process efficiency
• Regulatory support
• Evaluation of asset quality
• Loan administration procedures
• Allowance of loan loss methodology
• Pre-acquisition due diligence
• Ongoing training and education
• Holding company reporting and call report assistance
• Risk assessment

To find out about other services provided by JRBT, suchas audit, internal audit, and tax services, click here.