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Privacy Policies
This section contains the information gathering and use policies adopted by Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. in connection with this website, as our commitment to maintaining the privacy of personal information collected. These policies are subject to change and any changes will be included within this section of the site.

Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. is not responsible for the privacy policies of third party sites to which links are provided, and you are advised to check the privacy policies on these sites before providing any personal information.

What information is collected when I visit the site?
We do not require registration for access to the site. IP addresses of visitors are logged for administration and troubleshooting purposes. The IP address indicates the location of your computer on the Internet. IP addresses are not used to track your session and are not linked to anything personally identifiable. This information may be aggregated to provide statistical information about the users of our site. No individual user will be identifiable from such information that will be used to ensure the website reflects the needs of users. Cookies are not used on this site. A cookie is a piece of software that is designed to improve a visitor’s navigational experience.

When is personally identifiable information collected through the site?
It will normally be clear when personal information is being collected. Personal information is generally collected for the following purposes:

• To enable the delivery of requested materials
• To enable us to contact you when you request further information
• When you submit an online application form.

The information required will be the minimum to enable Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. to deal with your request. Where additional information is requested, it will be marked, and its provision is voluntary. Additional information is only requested to enable us to provide the most appropriate response to your request.

Sensitive information is not sought through the website except where legally required as part of the recruitment process. Sensitive information includes data relating to: race or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or other similar beliefs; physical or mental health; sexual orientation or criminal record. Where you do provide sensitive information, it will be accepted as explicit consent to use that information in connection with the purpose for which it has been provided.

How is the information I provide used?
Information provided is used only for the specific purpose for which it was provided except where you explicitly select to receive other information from Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. When requesting material or asking someone to contact you, there will be an option to receive other information that may be of interest.

Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. does not assume responsibility for confirming the ongoing accuracy of your personal information. If you inform Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. that your personal data is no longer accurate, appropriate corrections will be made when practically possible.

Will you provide my information to a third party?
Information is only provided to a third party where it is required to deal with your inquiry. There may be other circumstances where we are required to provide information as a result of legal process.

Information is not provided to third parties for their own marketing purposes and mailings are not undertaken by Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. for third parties.

How long do you keep my information?
Information is only kept for the period required for fulfilling your request or dealing with your job application.

Is my information secure?
Generally accepted standards of technology and operational security have been implemented to protect personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. All partners, employees and principals are required to keep personal information confidential and only authorized personnel have access to this information.

Who is the data controller?
The data controller collecting the information described in this statement is Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. Personal data collected by Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. will not be transferred to others.

Comments and questions
If you have any comments or questions about this privacy statement, please email info@jrbt.com.